Holiday Camp

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Yes it’s almost holiday time again! Of course, our Holiday Camps are always full of fun with plenty of new things to learn. Horse riding is a great sport/hobby to have. It offers a lot of challenges, fun and can allow you to do a variety of activities on horseback.

Our aim at our Camps is to grasp your child’s love of horses, then create programs through riding and caring for horses that will improve their confidence and self esteem and to make children aware that horses need lots of care. We hope to, at all times, strengthen the relationship between horse and rider. Your child will experience responsibility in working as a team member. They will also learn how to set their own personal goals and to create a plan for accomplishing those goals.

Every child will be responsible for his/her own horse and stable for the week. They will be responsible for the cleaning and care of the horse and stable. We will teach the children to groom and to use the various accessories and tools used in the caring of horses. This will include instruction on how to brush the coat, clean and oil the hooves, groom and plait the mane and tail for shows, clean the eyes and nose and to examine the horse for injuries before riding.

The programme will include: The farrier will come and show the children how he does the horses’ hooves including showing them how he puts the shoes on and every child will get their own horse shoe to take home, classes teaching key topics in care and working safely with horses.

Other fun activities: We go on outrides, swimming, games, quizzes, lessons, pony cart rides, jumping castle, trampoline, volley ball, swing ball, cricket set, feeding farm animals, roasting marshmallows, camp fire fun and horse riding twice a day!!

Competitions: Which stable is the cleanest, best groomed horse, best tack and turn out, fancy dress for horses, potato race, making your own slingshot, sack races and other games.

Daily duties will include: Morning feeding of horses, brushing and grooming, cleaning out the hooves, cleaning stables, saddling, riding lessons, bathing the horses etc.

Whether your child has never touched or ridden a horse before or is a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, the instruction and activities at this camp will challenge and improve his/her riding skills. There is something for everyone to learn. We will also teach the beginners the basics of horse riding (to control and steer a horse properly).

Children are welcome to come for a day or two.

Swimming in river

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